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Thanks for reading About page of Thar View, here I am sharing some basic information regarding Owner of Site .

Dheeraj kumar : Photographer/Blogger/Artist     :


Dheeraj Kumar is a Lead Photographer of Desert tharparkar, He is writer and researcher focusing on human rights and Environmental changing  in the Desert Thar. He currently Undergraduate  candidate in Software Engineering at International Islamic University Islamabad, where He researches about Desert Thar and People of Desert Area. He is proficient in Hindi and is studying English and Urdu.

  He is (CEO of   Humans of Thar and  Thar View) 22 year young , living in Islamabad, Pakistan. Dheeraj Kumar is a Professional Blogger and giving information about blogging and Working for the People of Desert Area.

He started blogging in December 2015 with WordPress and started taking interest in blogging by thoroughly reading Many articles related to blogging help, tutorial, widget on online. Now He is a good web developer. He learned many things in these days. 

Dheeraj Kumar

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