Fire Destroy Village Vakrio (وڪڙيو)

At village Vakrio (وڪڙيو) Uc Jeeando Dars, about 40 km from Islamkot in Tharparkar District where fire broke at around 2.00-3.00 pm 10 May 2017. The cause of fire is reported to be short circuiting. As per rough assessment so for 270 families have been affected. Estimated number of houses( chounra) is around 500 which may increase in detailed survey and assessment( which is underway). Fire brigades were immediately dispatched which prevented further spread of fire but nature of construction of houses was such that it engulfed most of village in no time. Relief operations got started immediately. Tents and food packs containing essential commodities equal to number of families have been provided along with the drinking water by District Administration. The cooked food has also been provided by various organization, viz., Thar Deep, Engross coal Mining company and individuals. All communities living in village, that is, jhanjhi, Mangrio, puno, Dars, Bheel and Menghwar have equally suffered in the disaster. Most of the Muslim families in village are those who migrated in wake of 1965 war from Indian side of border and are pronounced as Muhajir’s. The important task after the rehabilitation will be the preparation of documents which include CNIC’s, land documents and etc. for which DC has been directed to act per the practice carried out in incident of fire in village Udano last month.

Words By: Shafiq Mahesar


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